Presentation of the Petfood Alert concept: receive personalized information on the brands that interest you.


How to set up a Petfood alert system to receive reliable information on the brands of kibble and food for dogs and cats that you give to your animals? How do you stay informed in the event of major changes in composition, or alerts from consumers who use the same brand as you?

For several years, Pacta ยฎ Petfood has been analyzing the animal nutrition sector to develop useful and easy-to-use solutions to allow pet owners to find useful nutrition advice, and above all to avoid sharing fake news, which are very numerous in the field, in particular on private facebook groups.

Petfood Alert offers you personalized alert systems, which are focused on the brands you use or follow. You can choose several forms of subscription, which allow you to receive alerts and notifications on a regular basis, but also in the event of an important event.

We set up monitoring of the Petfood brand that interests you. Then, we monitor a selection of sites, Facebook groups, to follow the news of this brand, or of a particular range, to establish a summary for you.

You have a link to a private page, which will allow you to follow this monitoring work in real time, and the information added regularly. This is a private link, which is reserved for you, accessible from a computer, a mobile or a tablet.

With the Petfood Alert system, you save time by going straight to the point. Your personal space will allow you to read the latest news from the brand you follow. When we have selected a discussion on one of our forums, or on a site that is not part of our network, you can follow this link to participate in the discussion. It is therefore an open system that really allows you to verify information, and compare opinions and testimonials.

Petfood Alert does not give you nutrition advice, recommend any particular brand, or direct you to a nutrition choice.

The objective of this service is to allow you to have an informed opinion, by saving time thanks to this synthesis system, and to a regular monitoring in complete independence.

As part of the implementation of a quality service, Petfood Alert is available for Petfood professionals, who will thus be able to follow any negative or unfavorable opinions from their customers. It is also a tool for detecting fake customer reviews, which are very common in the Petfood world.

Petfood Alert also works with Vigiscore data.

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