Petfood Score


We will have the opportunity to talk in detail about the Petfood Score concept, presented again in 2019, due to the attacks suffered in recent years.

Do you already know the Nutriscore? With Pacta ยฎ Petfood, we have started to develop IT tools to set up monitoring in animal nutrition and nutrition.

Initially, the objective was to develop a Petfood application. For this, it was necessary to analyze the functionalities of existing applications, but also to check whether the criteria used were reliable.

However, many of these Petfood applications had the same flaws as the many wet food and dry food ranking tables shared on social networks, in particular rankings by carbohydrate level. And again, it is not carbohydrates measured in laboratories, but a simple estimate obtained with the formula of the ENA, ie it is in fact the non-nitrogenous extract.

It was clear that our application could not reasonably offer a nutriscore in Petfood, whether it was a nutriscore for kibbles or a nutriscore for wet food.

On the contrary, the Petfood Score is a concept. It brings together IT tools to assess the relevance of animal nutrition information, for example to assess the quality of kibble and wet food classification tables.

The Petfood Score is now presented on dedicated sites and domains, to help remind the public that we are indeed at the origin of the exploitation of the concept. This exploitation materialized by the exploitation of the name on several sites.

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