What are the arguments demonstrating that Acana and Orijen kibbles are toxic?

What should we think of the alerts on Acana and Orijen croquettes which are declared by some to be toxic, with accusations of contamination sometimes with Clostridium, Candida Albicans, then finally “irradiation”?


Source : https://justpaste.it/bk4mx

Petfood Alert ยฎ is unable to confirm this highly shared toxic kibble alert on Facebook. Indeed, we have started to share videos with the aim of collecting reliable information on this alert to Acana and Orijen kibble declared as toxic. Remember that these people, at the origin of the toxic kibble alerts on Facebook, are not nutrition specialists.

In addition, to date there is no link capable of demonstrating the existence of this risk with these brands of croquettes. Moreover, if it is true that animals are sick, there is no connection with these marks.

It is therefore necessary to remain very careful before sharing this kind of alerts.

However, if you have useful information on this case, contact the Webmaster: contact@alain-stevens.fr


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